Brewery a.k.a. Cervecería

Clients sit spread out around the bar ignoring the loud soccer game that blares on the televisions. The narrators of the soccer match compete with the noisy traffic that is bustling just outside the bar. The bar smells of a mix between freshly brewed coffee and beer. The aroma of beer persists throughout the night, but tables and floors remain clean and not sticky. A brown-haired woman wearing a black quarter zip and a bald man enter the bar and are greeted cheerfully by the staff. The woman says, “Que chulo la decoración (the decoration is cool)” as she points up to the empty beer bottles that dangle from the ceiling wrapped in fake cobwebs. She points again at a table in the corner with balloons, skulls, and a pumpkin.

A young boy with glasses asks the passing bartender in English, “What’s the wi-fi password?” The bartender shakes his head and waves his hand signaling wi-fi isn’t allowed for guests. The boy returns to his seat at a table with a man and woman, and they begin speaking English with Irish accents. The woman at the table lets her curly dark hair fall around her face, and the man keeps his white hair short and styled. The pale boy speaks some Spanish slowly with a foreign accent and the woman corrects his pronunciation. The boy rises from his seat and begins to wander around the bar until the bartender silently points toward a staircase that leads to the bathroom.

In the corner an old man in a black suit sits slumped back in his chair. He handles a beer glass the size of a chalice with two hands. A woman, pushing her brown hair back with black sunglasses, chats with the old man. Her words raspy words barely escape her mouth like those of a life-long smoker. She approaches the bar and leans over the counter to pay with her credit card. The old man follows her as he says to the staff, “Hasta mañana.” The waitress responds saying, “Adiós, hasta luego.”

The bartender vigorously dries beer glasses and then precariously places them on a rack making a ‘clink’ sound. As he tosses the waitress a rag, his large silver watch reflects against the hanging lights. The waitress stands idly scratching her head with a pen.

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